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Over 25 years we have accumulated a large range of centrepieces. Carefully chosen to encourage adaptability and individuality, we can create any centrepiece you have your heart set on.

Our Glassware range includes – spheres, cylinders, triangles, cubes in many sizes, cloche, wine glass, red wine glass, champagne, brandy glass, hurricane, lotus hurricane, pilsener, cone, float bowl, crackle vase, and much more. Each of these can be themed with flowers, shells, candles, lights etc


Our Gold Range includes – hoop, twisted candelabra, geometric triangle, trio of goblets, Moroccan pear lantern


Others include, - white tower vase, 10 tealight candela, copper cylinder, silver rose goblet, crystal beaded candelabra, crystal table lantern, Parisian birdcage




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