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The Process

So you have a wedding or event to plan – with our hands on, excellent customer service, here’s what to do...

1. Contact us through our website, Facebook or phone, and we can make an appointment, either in our private studio, or for a phone consult.

2. During our consultation, we work through each element of your event, from our large event pieces and arbours, down to the smallest candle holder.

3. We then email you our quotation, and work with it until it’s exactly right. Upon acceptance of the quotation, you now have your fairy godmother working to make your day perfect.

4. As part of our service, If needed, we are happy to meet on site to fine tune placement and timing of the day, in the days leading up to event time.

5. On the day, your job is to just turn up – finding your long awaited dream a reality, for you to enjoy without stress or worrying about packing up afterwards. We can make your day run smoothly, by opening gates, reserving car spaces for wedding vehicles, lighting your candles prior to entry and many more little details we can take off your mind.

6. With our knowledge of the local area and suppliers, our coordination of your event is guaranteed.

7. Take the first step, make the call, send the email, and fill out the website form, we are waiting to start making your exciting plans our priority, and your dreams come true.

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