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Our Story

The Prop People was created in February 1998 with a vision to provide couples in Regional areas access to the same decor options that were available to couples in Metropolitan areas. For example, The Prop People were the first to bring the idea of covering venue’s chairs to the region. Since then, we have continued to build the Prop People Legacy of innovation, service and experience. Christie, Brian & their team are now honoured to be recognised as a trusted choice by venues, clients and other industry suppliers.

The Team at The Prop People

Meet The Team



Co-Owner / Head of Everything but Construction

Christie’s journey with The Prop People began in 2012 when she worked in the business with the previous owners Cherry & Ian. The love of the industry was immediate and Christie has many memories of looking forward to work every day as each event brought new experiences & learning opportunities. Fast forward to (INSERT DATE HERE), Christie was thrilled to become the owner in what felt like overnight. 


  • Favourite Part is seeing an event at the end of setup when a vision has come to life and everything is ready for the guests.

  • Least favourite part is fitting everything back on the shelves after an event. There seems to never be enough storage.

  • Something that often surprises people is that Christie is actually a qualified chef

  • Favourite colour is purple which explains why Christie fell in love with The Prop People brand.



Co-Owner / Head of Construction

Brian is a qualified painter & carpenter which means he often gets left with many late nights creating new signature pieces. He still doesn’t know if it’s love or duty. Brian is also an enthusiastic restorer of old stationary engines. What do you think he would rather spend his weekend doing? 😉


  • Brian is an expert van packer / van repacker / van re-re-packer

  • When Brian isn’t repacking the van, he is most likely off on an adventure with his Stationary Engine Club mates

  • Favourite thing in the world → Prawns!

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Unit 1a/8 Lucas Crt. St. Helens


Call Christie on 4123 6900


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